Yilu has passed the review of the high-tech enterprise certification!

Apr 08,2022

The passing of the high-level review fully reflects that our company has been recognized by the state in terms of intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, R&D organizational management capabilities, and enterprise growth.

Since our company became a national high-tech enterprise in 2012, we have adhered to the guidance of original scientific and technological achievements, focused on the field of LED display technology, and continuously increased investment in research and development. The main product fields of Ilu Optoelectronics involve the field of intelligent transportation and intelligent display.

Basically, the integrated software and hardware system with LED display as the carrier is the main product. The main products are traffic guidance screen, parking guidance screen, traffic management system and parking management system. And LED display, and intelligent system of LED display, including conference screen and exhibition hall comprehensive application.

With the implementation and development of the national high-tech enterprise recognition policy, the high-tech enterprise recognition policy has become more perfect, and the recognition indicators have also been improved. The company's review and recognition of high-tech enterprises this time not only fully reflects our company's leading position in technology in the industry , and brought new opportunities for the innovation and development of our company, further promoting scientific research and production and operation to a new level. High-tech enterprises are strictly audited and have high technical requirements. In the field of LED display in China mainland, Yilu Optoelectronics has solid technical strength and is a real high-tech enterprise.

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