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COB LED, full name is Chip On Board, that is, the light-emitting chip is integrated on the substrate and packaged. Simply speaking, the COB LED display is a packaging process. LED display packaged by this process has gained new functions and advantages, so it is a new type of product.

● Softer colors

● wider viewing angles

● Waterproof, dustproof, wipeable

● Front/back maintenance

● HD resolution

Indoor COB HD LED Display
Dimenssion600 * 337.5 * 48 mm600 * 337.5 * 48 mm
Resolution ratio640*360480*270
Pixel pitch0.9375 mm1.25 mm
Color ratio1R1G1B/inversion1R1G1B/inversion
Scaning model1/541/60
Diode wavelengthRed:620nm-630nm, green:520nm-540nm, blue:450nm-470nm
Color displayfull color
Refresh frequency3840 Hz
Frame frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Drive modelStatic constant current drive
Contrast ratio100000:1
Brightness uniformity≥98%
Chromaticity uniformity(Cx, Cy)±0.003
Max brightness≥500 cd/m2
View angleHorizontal>170, vertical>170
Brightness controlManual,automatic, timning,remote setting
Single point brightness correctionsupport
Single point color correctionsupport
Correction data storagesupport
Life span>100000h
Pixel out of control rate<0.0001, discrete distribution
Operating tempreture/humidity-20℃ ~ +60℃、10-86% nodew
Max power consumption≤520 W/m2
Avergae power consumption≤300 W/m2
Protective performanceShort circuit/ overvoltage/overcurrent/overload/overtemperature/leakage
Box weight5kg
Frontal protection gradeIP66
Grounding resistanceWorking grounding resistance<4Ω, lighting protection grounding resistance<10Ω
Insulation resistance>100MΩ
Withstand voltage strengthAC1500V
Input voltageAC220V(1±15%) or AC380V(1±15%), 50±2Hz
Control systemNova
Installation and maintenance modefront/back installtion, front maintenance
Box materialCasting aluminum


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