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Expressway variable message sign

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Product Details

Variable message sign(VMS) is important equipment for monitoring and controlling system on both freeway and arterial road applications. Depending on the traffic situation, the variable displays inform, warn, and guide the motorists on highways and expressways.

● Certification of both MOT & MOPS

● own patent system

● Fault detection module and automatic operation system

● Asynchronous control

● Patent control card

Expressway variable message sign
Dimenssion(1024*N)mm*(1024*M)mm(960*N)mm*(960*M)mm(1000*N)mm*(1000* M)mm(1000*N)mm*(1000*M)mm
Resolution ratio(64*N)*(64*M)(48*N)*(48* M)(40*N)*(40* M)(32*N)*(32* M
Pixel pitch16mm20mm25mm31.25mm
Color ratio2A,1R1G,2R1G,1R1G1B2A,1R1G,2R1G,1R1G1B4A,2R1G,3R2G,2R1G2A,2R1G1B,3R2G1B4A,3R2G,4R2G,3R1G1B,4R2G1B
Diode wavelengthRed 615-650mm,green 495-530mm,blue440-480mm,yellow 580-600mm
Color displayAmber,red-green-yellow,full color
Power consumption≤100W/m2
Average power consumption<50W/m2
Max brightness≥10000cd/m2(amber>6000cd/m2 )
View angle≥30°
Brightness controlManual,automatic, timning,remote setting
Drive modelStatic constant current drive
Control modelSynchronous, asynchronous, wired network, wireless 4G, etc
Blind spot ratio<0.0001,discrete distribution
Life span>100000h
Protective performanceShort circuit / open circuit / overvoltage / overcurrent / overload / overheating / leakage / lightning protection, etc
Operating tempreture/humidity-40℃ ~ +60℃、10-80%, nodew
Storge tempreture/humidity-50℃ ~ +80℃,10-85%, nodew
Wind resistance40m/s
Protection classIP65
Grounding resistanceWorking grounding resistance<4Ω,Lightning protection grounding resistance<10Ω
Insulation resistance>100MΩ
Voltage strengthAC1500V
Effective visual distanceWhen the vehicle is running at the speed of 120km, the maximum dynamic visual recognition distance and the maximum static visual recognition distance that the observer (with normal corrected visual acuity of more than 1.0) can correctly recognize the contents of the sign within the specified visual angle under the conditions of sunny days and solar orthonormal standard surface with environmental illuminance greater than 50000lx, including snowy days, rainy days and night are more than 210m and 250m
Installation modelGantry type, cantilever type and column type
Power supplyAC220V(1±15%) or AC380V(1±15%), 50±2Hz
Environment monitoringTemperature, humidity, smoke, brightness, switching power status, box door status

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are quite commonly used for the traffic warning information of road & bridge construction, fire-fighting, parking lots, etc. The high brightness and strong eye-catching LED technology deliver the traffic information to the driver, remind them to focus on their driving speed and pay attention to the weather, road situation, and so on. It can reduce the traffic accident by deploying the road traffic management.

●Smart monitor

E-RAOD VMS can activate self-diagnosis and report health status, monitor can identify equipment health status, current message ID,current operating mode temperature, humidity, etc


Industry-leading dual-voltage technology, it can tremendously improve energy efficiency and maximumly lower light pollution.

●NTCIP and MODBUS based

E-RAOD avriable message sign are programmed based on the world two most prevailing 1.programmed NTCIP (NationalTransportation Communications for ITS protocol) and Modbus, more than just that, we also provide customized protocol if necessary.

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