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Variable message sign

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Product Details

The city guidance screen generally refers to the LED display screen widely standing at the intersection and both sides of the city road, which plays the role of traffic guidance. It is used to publish real-time and preset intelligence information, so as to guide and guide the traffic.

● Stable and reliable

● real-time monitoring

● communication security

● High brightness and strong penetration

Variable message sign
Max brightness>8000cd/m2
View angle>75°
Display colorRed, green, yellow,amber
Brightness controlManual, automatic, timing, remote setting
Control modelSynchronous, asynchronous, wired network, wireless 4G, etc
interfaceRJ45, RS232, RS485, RS422
Blind spot ratio<0.0001,Discrete distribution
Life span>100000h
Protective performanceShort circuit ,open circuit,overvoltage,overcurrent,overload,overheating,leakage, lightning protection, etc
Working tempreture/humidity-40℃-- +60℃, 10-80%, nodew
Storge tempreture/humidity-50℃-- +80℃, 10-85%, nodew
Wind resistance40m/s
Protectiion classIP56
Grounding resistanceWorking grounding resistance<4Ω, lighting protection grounding resistance<10Ω
Insulation resistance>100MΩ
Dilectric breakdown strengthAC1500V
Visual recognition distanceMax dynamic visual recognition distance>210m, max static visual recognition distance>250m
InstallatioinFrame type, cantilever type, Column type
Input voltageAC220V(1±15%) or AC380V(1±15%), 50±2Hz
Environmental monitoringTemperature,humidity,smoke, brightness, switching power status, box door status  


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