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Expressway Variable speed limit sign

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Variable speed limit sign(vsls) is an effective way to attract driver's attention, especially while driving on expressway or on road nearby school zones, hospital or residential neighborhoods. We offer a full range of VSLS different sized roundels to increase the speed limit awareness.

● It works for 7x24hrs

● Lower energy consumption

● Wide pixel pitch range

● High compatibility of communication protocol, including NTCIP, UTMC, Profibus and modebus communication

Expressway Variable speed limit sign
Outer ring diameter1200mm1400mm1600mm
Resolution ratio56*5664*6472*72
Pixel pitch25mm25mm25mm
Color ratio2R1G、3R2G2R1G、3R2G2R1G、3R2G
Color displayRed, green, yellow
Max power consumption<200W/m2
Average power consumption<50W/m2
Max brightness>10000cd/m2
View angle>30°
Brightness controlManual, automatic, timing, remote setting
Driving modelStatic constant current drive
Control modelWired network, wireless 4G, etc
Blind spot ratio<0.0001, discrete distribution
Life span>100000h
Protective performanceShort circuit / open circuit / overvoltage / overcurrent / overload / overheating / leakage / lightning protection, etc
Working tempreture/humidity-40℃-- +60℃, 10-80%, nodew
Storge tempreture/humidity-50℃-- +80℃, 10-85%, nodew
Wind resistance40m/s
Grounding resistanceWorking grounding resistance<4Ω,lighting protection grounding resistance<10Ω
Insulation resistance>100MΩ
Dilectric breakdown strengthAC1500V
Visual recognition distanceWhen the vehicle is running at the speed of 120km, the maximum dynamic visual recognition distance and the maximum static visual recognition distance that the observer (with normal corrected visual acuity of more than 1.0) can correctly read the sign content within the specified visual angle under the conditions of sunny days and sunlight orthonormal standard surface with ambient illuminance greater than 50000lx, including snowy days, rainy days and night are more than 250m and 300m
InstallatioinFrame type, column type
Voltage supplyAC220V(1±15%) or AC380V(1±15%),50±2Hz
Environmental monitoringTemperature, humidity, smoke, brightness, switching power status, box door status


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