How to choose 4K8K LED display

Apr 13,2022

Now that 4K and 8K technologies are gradually being widely used, what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing small-pitch LED screens in reality?

1. Follow the standard of "low light and high gray"

The small-pitch LED screen is used as a display terminal, and viewing comfort must be guaranteed first. To achieve this, the brightness scale of the small-pitch LED screen can only be between 100 cd/㎡-300 cd/㎡. However, in the traditional LED display technology, reducing the brightness of the screen will cause the loss of grayscale, and the loss of grayscale will directly affect the picture quality. Therefore, an important criterion for high-quality small-pitch LED screens is to "low brightness" High Grey".

In actual purchase, users can follow the principle of "the more brightness levels the human eye can recognize, the better". The brightness level refers to the brightness level of the image that the human eye can distinguish from the darkest to the whitest. The more levels, the larger the color gamut of the display screen and the richer the color performance.

2. Choose the resolution, pay attention to the combination with the "front-end transmission equipment"

The smaller the dot pitch of the small-pitch LED screen, the higher the resolution and the higher the clarity of the picture. In actual operation, users want to build the best small-pitch LED display system. While storing the resolution of the screen itself, they should also consider the combination with the front-end transmission products.

3. Choose the point spacing, pay attention to the balance of "consequences and skills"

Compared with the traditional LED screen, the prominent feature of the small-pitch LED screen is the smaller dot pitch. In practical use, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity the unit area can represent at one time, and the closer the optimal viewing distance is, and vice versa, the farther the optimal viewing distance is. Many users think that the smaller the dot pitch of the display screen, the better, but this is not the case in reality.

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