LED electronic display needs to increase innovation and improve core competitiveness

Apr 13,2022

The rapid growth of my country's LED electronic display industry in the early stage of development is inseparable from the performance of enterprises in technological innovation. In the 1990s, mainstream products with leading technology will lead the market every two years. In recent years, due to the lack of technological innovation, low-level technical duplication of products, and market application environment, it will inevitably lead to price wars in market competition and various irregular competition behaviors.

At present, the formation and construction of the core competitiveness of LED electronic display enterprises in my country has a long way to go. In order to truly improve the competitiveness of my country's LED display industry in the global industry, efforts and improvements are needed from the following aspects: first, to strengthen publicity, expand influence, improve image, and increase social awareness; second, to improve the technical process of products The third is to cultivate and form representative enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and scale.

The technical level of my country's LED electronic display industry is relatively advanced. The main products and key technologies can be consistent with the advanced level of the international industry, but the technology level is relatively backward. In product standardization, whole system design, reliability, manufacturing process, testing There are obvious gaps between foreign countries in terms of testing methods and other aspects. And in the current market environment, the development pattern of the LED electronic display industry is also undergoing major changes.


LED electronic display companies must adjust their strategies and increase innovation. The standard system of my country's LED display industry has a certain foundation. The standardization of the display screen should not only strengthen the standardization of the display screen, but also improve the components and basic materials. It is recommended to strengthen the standardization of the display screen. Cooperation and coordination with the standardization of upstream and downstream industrial chains such as materials and devices, and at the same time attach importance to the adoption and learning and promotion of relevant standards.

At present, the development of the semiconductor lighting industry has brought a good opportunity for the LED display industry, which has a positive effect on enriching the product system and expanding the application field. The most important thing for LED electronic display companies is to seize opportunities, respond to challenges, change the situation of resting on their laurels, and strive for innovation and development.

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